My offer

The Offer is to provide you with a consultant to provide a bespoke range of support is available including:

  • Quality assurance training for senior and middle leaders that enables effective line management to be embedded in the organisation.
  • Senior and middle leadership development to build their capacity
  • Practical lesson planning sessions, to ensure that pupils make good and outstanding progress.
  • Work with individuals or groups, built round “coaching for success” and delivered prior to observations taking place.
  • Planned programmes of training and support for teachers that are tailor made for the needs of the group or the school.
  • Working effectively with pupil level data for accelerated progress.
  • Support and challenge for the development of subject and whole school self- evaluation.
  • A range of INSET and CPD provision specifically designed for the organisation with no “off the peg” programmes.
  • Curriculum development for schools working to develop a Progress 8 curriculum
  • Governor training that supports and challenges the school.
  • Pre and post Ofsted health check.

What you will get:

  • A free initial visit to scope and agree the needs of the organisation
  • A written contract once details are agreed.
  • An opportunity to re-visit the contract requirements if other needs are identified.
  • A match between your needs and the experience of the consultant
  • Full CVs and references on each consultant prior to agreement.
  • One price quoted and payment directly to the consultant who does the work.
  • Individual costing based on the needs of the organisation and level of work required

If you are interested in a free discussion then please contact me

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